Galaxy S2 users on Rogers can have JB too

Those of you on the Rogers network can now update their Galaxy S2 devices to 4.1.2.

This is a MUST to update this device.  Why?

Just do it.  Fire up Kies and see for yourself.
The update should be available via Kies now (not OTA... which sucks).  So fire it up and get the 4.1 goody-ness.

What does the update include?

Well, 4.1 has:

  • Project butter - i.e. faster transitions, smoother animations... better performance
  • Google Now - seriously, if for no other reason - get this.  Read my article why!
  • Interactive/Smart notifications - easy way to interact with your notification shade (quickly read emails, share photos, etc...)
As well Samsung has packed in their Nature UX feel and:
  • S-Cloud
  • Improved Camera features
  • Lockscreen Customizations
  • Direct call (i.e. lift phone to face to dial)
  • Smart Stay (watches your eyes)
  • Pop-up play (hover videos)
  • More widgets
  • etc...
It's well worth the update.  

Check out the database now to see what devices got the update!