Friday Night Hangout #15

Our 15th Hangout on Air, and we just keep chugging along.

Taking place:
Friday, February 8th, 2013 @ 11PM EST.

We appreciate this opportunity chat about the week of Android - and hopefully you're tuning in and participating as well.
What is a "Hangout", well it's sort of a group Skype chat, for those of you who haven't used the popular Google+ technology.

But, it's also "on-air", which means you can tune in on youtube (link will be available when it goes live) to either watch it 'live' or at your leisure.  Kind of like a vlogcast... if that's a word.

So, how can you participate?

  1. You can look over our agenda online
  2. You can comment on the event on G+
  3. Comment on this post
  4. Talk with us via our other social media
These will give us ideas on what to talk about!  Ensure that what we talk about is not only relevant to Android, but to you!

While we're "on-air" you can still comment on the agenda, or our youtube, or our page, etc... so we can bring in your comments and address while we chat.

After the main topics are done, we'll open up the hangout to be public, so if you've got a webcam, join in!

See you there!


  1. A good one to add for this Friday is the Dropbox API release for better sync capabilities in other apps!

    1. Nice... do you have a link for it ... i love my clouds


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