Do you have a tablet? [Poll]

In my ongoing thirst for knowledge, usually pointless and inane knowledge, but I like to add it to my 'arcane'.

In the past I've asked you about your use of NFC, your Social Media preferences, Twitter App of choice, etc...

So this time 'round, I want to ask you about Tablets.  Do you have one?
With all the talk of affordable tablet this, and affordable tablet that... plus even my father-in-law bought one and now my mom wants one.  Something I would never have thought either of them would have wished for.

They are becoming popular.  But, do you have one?
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  1. Seriously thinking about getting an N7 for myself and getting my folks an iPad mini (they're already used to the interface on their iPod Touch, so probably easier for them to use then to learn a new OS)

    1. If they've already bought into the ecosystem of iOS, it'll be a hard change. If they've not bought any apps, I'd tell them to give it a shot. If my father in law can use it...

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (P1000) and its done a pretty good job. I do wish I could upgrade it past 2.3.3. I use it all the time in the vehicle and for Netflix and games.

  3. I love my Asus Infinity. With it's keyboard dock, I rarely use my laptop any more.

  4. Had the Motorola Xoom. It was fun to play with when I first got it, but shortly after it just starting collecting dust, as my phone was the first thing I'd always reach for.

    The tablet was nice, I just found it to be too big to be comfortable when typing and playing games.
    I may try a 7 inch Nexus 7 if and when the refreshed model comes out.


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