Tablets everywhere, what size to choose

Two events really exploded the tablet scene. The iPad which is essentially a 10" device and the Nexus 7. Now Samsung is bringing on the 8.0 Note which seems to combine the best of both worlds. How to decide?

I've got to admit I'm on my 4th tablet, all of them have been Samsung products. As I bounce back and forth between the 7" and 10" sizes I can only say for sure that I'll never buy a tablet that uses a SIM card since tethering is included with my Bell data plan. While I use my Note 10.1 for my daily drive, I take out my 7" GTab2 for traveling and when I do I always enjoy using it. I use my tablet in portrait mode unless I'm watching videos which make the 10.1 a little unwieldy.

With a 10" screen one can get so much more information on screen. Magazines feel more natural to read and there can be a lot more content per screen with books. The larger screen make it easier to write at your natural style because it's closer to a standard piece of paper. If using multiple windows is your thing, the more screen the better.

The 7" is just so much more light and portable. I had forgotten just how much so until I took the Tab2 out to update to JB. Magazines are just a little to small so using Zinio you break up the reading experience by zooming in and out of a page because you can't turn a zoomed in page. The keyboard size is in that in between zone, big for one hand gestures yet the key are small for typing. Most stuff looks good and works well. Many games don't benefit that much from the  larger screen size you get with a 10" device.

Once again, it comes down to what you're using your tablet for. Luckily I'm unlikely to be able to put my hands on a Note 8 for a long time - at least 6 months;) I think it would hit the sweet spot for me. By the time I'm really ready to replace my Note I hope there will be some innovative tech available in the 8" size. OTOH if the Note 8 is priced like the GTab2 was a family member (or two) may be getting hand me downs.