[RESULTS] How you like your phone!

So, the other day we discussed the pros/cons of protection for your phone. Then I did a poll: "Which way is best FOR YOU?"

  • Naked
  • Screen Protector
  • Case
  • Both Screen Protector AND Case
and the whole 'for you' is the most important thing, as everybody's opinion and tastes are different - which is why Android is awesome, it's accommodating to everybody.

So, what did you answer in the polls?  If you watched our Hangout the other night, you'll have heard our preliminary data.

So, the number 1 answer was indeed that Naked was a preferred choice.  Almost 40% said that.  And that's where many of us probably lay in our hearts in what we WANT our phones to be like. However 60% of you understand the desire to protect our phone.

The next highest answer was that BOTH protection levels went into the phone, and almost an even split by protect the casing or protect the screen.

Thanks for answering gang!