Funny Friday #1 - Giveaway Announcement

Starting the Funny Fridays up again.
I did this at our old Website AndroidinCanada that we've moved on from to seek a brighter future.
Funny Friday was something I liked to do to give myself a little break from the news and brows YouTube for funny videos and share with our community.

Sometimes we just need to sit back in our chairs and laugh the stress away from a work filled hectic week, thus Funny Friday is born!

Here at +Android Coliseum we are trying to get some giveaways rolling, but in order for that to happen we need to have a following of a community. Help us build that community by sharing our pages, and in return we'll start sharing the swag we have to giveaway, deal?

As always +Android Coliseum Thanks Google, YouTube, and their massive amounts of users for an endless supply of videos.

Keep the world laugh, and remember... Sharing is caring.