SwiftKey Flow now available

Yeah, one of the biggest selling points for Android that I like to tout is that I can get different keyboards.  No having to be stuck with stock.

I like to show off Swype to my friends.  It's great for one handed use.  But, it wasn't so good on the prediction side of things.  That's where SwiftKey was awesome.

If there was only a good marriage of the 2.  Sure, there were several other options out there, but these 2 lead the fields in their respective categories.


I couldn't wait.


If you can't see the little writing there here's the text:
Hi all,
We’re happy to announce that SwiftKey Flow Beta is now available for you to evaluate. We’ve been hard at work refining our latest creation and we look forward to hearing your comments!
SwiftKey Flow Beta APK (smartphone) http://bit.ly/skflowbetaSwiftKey Flow Beta APK (tablet) http://bit.ly/skflowbetatab
These are direct download links - just tap the link on your phone or tablet and the application will begin to download. Remember that to get the application fully installed, you may need to click on it in your app drawer. You may also need to adjust the settings on your device to allow for the installation of non-Market applications.
Don't forget to read our blog and view the latest video of SwiftKey Flow.
Listening to our users has made SwiftKey what it is today. We’re very interested in hearing your feedback on this Beta in order that we can further improve the experience for you. To provide your feedback, you can longpress the 123 in the lower left of the keyboard and follow the appropriate Support links. Doing so will take you to the appropriate locations in the SwiftKey VIP Community.
Also, please take a moment to update your VIP profile with information regarding your primary Android device as well as what languages you speak. Doing so will greatly assist us with the ability to analyze user feedback on a substantially deeper level.
On behalf of the entire SwiftKey team, thank you for your participation in this Beta program.
Best Regards,
Evan Tapper
SwiftKey Community Manager