Multi-Window Coming to Original Galaxy Note

Everyone's been drooling over the Galaxy Note II lately and one of the more highlighted feature is the multi-window function, but the north American model is still fighting to get their hands on that feature as well.

Samsung confirmed a little while back that the North American Galaxy Note II would be getting the missing multi-window feature, but what about the original Galaxy Note?

Samsung officially confirmed that the original Galaxy Note N7000 will be getting this praised multi-window feature with the up coming Jelly Bean 4.1 update. Note users will also be happy to know they are also updating the Note's Premium Suite as well to include to following features:

  • Popup Note / Video / Browser
  • Photo Note / Photo Frame
  • Paper Artist
  • Handwriting on S Planner/ Email
  • Enhanced S Note

It seems they are throwing all the Note II features back to the original Note users to enjoy! The question is; does this older device have what it takes to handle these extra tasks without the loss of performance and enjoyment?

If you're a rooter and rom flasher, there are currently leaks of this pending update already available. You know the deal... Hit up the XDA forums to get the latest n' greatest roms for your device.