Live Wallpapers, do they still eat your battery?

Back a couple years ago, having a live wallpaper was taboo. The reason being was they were known for greatly slowing down your Android device and taking a large chunk out of the battery at the end of the day. It seemed our single core, 512mb ram devices just weren't completely up to the task without having some backlash. The question I ask is: Does this still ring truth today, or are our quad core devices more than capable of running these without consequences?

Of course the live wallpaper of your choice will also have a determining factor on how it will effect your device. Not all live wallpapers are the same; Some sit really heavy on your system where's others are feather light.

Any knowledgeable Android users will know about these consequences, but the creative person inside them will make them use it no matter the cost.

All that being said, do you use a live wallpaper on your Android device? Let us know your answer in the comments below, followed by the live wallpaper name if applicable.


  1. I was still assuming they were going hard at batteries and resources, but after this post, I'll go ahead and try one for a day or two and see.

  2. I haven't really noticed a difference on mine, and I'm using that paperland one Cass recommended.


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