Do you purchase apps?

Android users are really lucky. There are many free apps available in the Play store and if you don't mind side loading, some of the pay-to-use apps are available through XDA or the developer sites. Paid apps are reasonable if you use them enough but it's really easy to spend dollar after dollar on stuff you don't use for very long.

The only expensive app I purchase is for my Slingbox. It allows me to watch my DVR on my phone where ever I am. I paid $25 for my WM6.5 license then another $25 when I switched to Android. On the upside - with Android, you can usually install of several devices so I didn't have to buy the $14 app to run on my tablet. There are lots of premium applications to choose from.

All the other apps I use are under $5 to purchase and I got a lot of them during $0.10 or $0.25 Play Store sales. I will purchase if I use the app every day on all my devices. For instance Unlock with WiFi. For $2.49  PIN security kicks in as soon as any of the the home WiFi networks are out of range. Works well so definitely worth it. On the other hand Quill is an app for a Galaxy Note. You can get it in the Play store for $1 or you can get the apk from the developer site. Not sure how often I will use it so I side loaded it for free.

Like everyone, I have games on my devices and there are so many ways to get them. Most of the free ones have ads between levels or in app upgrades where you can either earn coins in game or purchase coins in game but some restrict levels. I purchased Draw a Stickman because I enjoyed the game play and wanted the extra levels. Humble Bundles are a popular side load option where you get lots of games for whatever you feel is reasonable and donate to charity.

How do you decide whether to purchase or use free versions only?


  1. How do you like Draw a Stickman? I've been debating it, but like crayon physics, I thought I'd LOVE it, but turns out, barely use it.

  2. I just bought Weatherbug Elite this morning for $1.95. I like it enough to buy it, that's all. The most expensive one I bought was my GPS app: CoPilot. It was $15 but I use it all the time and it's good for Canada and the USA. Actually, the app is free and so are the maps, but I wanted to have 3D maps and voice directions.


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