Google's leaving Windows to Windows

So, just as I really start getting interested in Windows again (our admin assistant at work got a new computer with W8 on it, so I was starting to play, plus I just used the HTC 8X)...

I liked the look of Windows 8, unifying a tablet experience with its desktop.  I wouldn't ever be able to go 'complete Android' and have ChromeOS or a tablet for work, so I'm stuck with Windows as an operating system.  That being said, it works quite well getting me into Chrome and my many Googley web apps.

So, hearing that not only is Google not building W8 or WP8 apps, nor will they be continuing support for Exchange.  Including Google Calendar Sync.

That sucked, as I used the Outlook Calendar Sync app to take my work email and throw it on my Google Calendar.  Sucks that it'll be deprecated, as it's not really using the exchange service... merely taking what's in Outlook and making a calendar on my personal.  (I do use the Exchange Account as an 'account' on my phone and it displays, however this ensures that I see my work stuff on the web view of Google calendar).

What could this mean?  Well, partly it could be a bit of backlash on Google's part as they recently did the math to come up with the fact that Microsoft will earn almost $100 billion (ya, with a "B") from licensing agreements dealing with Android.  That's crazy.  I wonder how many multiples that is compared to the sales of their own WP8 devices.

El Goog leaving Windows out to dry.  I honestly can't say I'll miss it, as I look about and for my experience, nothing will change (with the exception of the Outlook Calendar Sync).  My Google Apps account will still work.  My Android device will still pull in my Exchange Server accounts from work.  I can make bookmarks for live tiles (should I upgrade to W8 this year).

In the meantime, Google has a suggestion on how to "get your Google back".

How will this affect you?

Do you see this as a sign of 'fight fight fight', or is Google just playing it business smart?
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