About Us

Team Members
Currently, there are 6 of us on the team, here they are:

Martin Guay
Google+ / Martin@AndroidColiseum.com
  • currently rocking a Nexus 6P, Z2 Tablet and wears a Moto 360
Sylvain Le Bourhis
Google+ / Sylvain@AndroidColiseum.com
  • currently rocking a OnePlus One, Nexus 7 (2012) and wears a G Watch (when the strap isn't broken)
Ryan Moore
Google+ / Ryan@AndroidColiseum.com
  • currently rocking an LG G5, G Pad 3 8.0" and wears a G Watch
Cass Morrison
Google+ / Cass@AndroidColiseum.com
  • currently rocking a Samsung Galaxy S6, Tab S2 8" and wears a Gear S2
Sivan Rehan
Google+ / Sivan@AndroidColiseum.com
  • currently rocking an Oppo N3, a Nexus 7 (2013) and wears an Asus ZenWatch

Tom Gray
Google+ / Tom@AndroidColiseum.com
  • currently rocking a ZTE Axon 7