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Restoring your Terraria save games on Android

So, recently I've had some issues with Terraria and saved games.  Earlier, you had to have ROOT to fix it.  Then I found a simpler method, but even that started to not work out so well.  Terraria stopped recognizing the file ...

Luckily, one user took to making up his own solution to restore corrupted games.  It doesn't need root, just download his app (on your PC).

The way it works is this:  first set you phone up with USB debugging and then it uses the adb commands (go download the Android SDK tools) to back up specific folders from your phone and then scours that backup file to find your file, works some magic and then you're back in action.

For me, I had some major issues and had to go into the Drive / Terraria folder to download the .cs / .csworld files (character / world) and then manually upload them into the backer upper app.  It then puts it as a local save game on my phone.

Now, if there could be a way to convert from local to cloud, that'd be great.

If you have any questions, he has a pretty good tutorial on his site!

Happy playing!


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